Paris Je t’aime

“Paris is always a good idea.” – Audrey Hepburn

It’s easy to fall in love with Paris and it’s people. There is always room for every culture, food, clothing and art. I spent about four days in Paris and loved every minute of it. The highlights were seeing how diverse paris was; I saw people from many countries wearing their native clothing and enjoying their native food. Paris is one of the most diverse cities I have visited so far. This time I skipped the museums and explored different neighborhoods, street art, photography classes and sketching lessons. I just enjoyed people watching, drinking copious amounts of coffee and sampling the diverse deli’s where you can make your own plate of food. I had the chance to get away from the crowds and explore neighborhoods that are off the beaten path. This is a city I anticipate coming back multiple times in my lifetime and always discover something new.

Some interesting things I learnt on this trip is that street art sometimes changes everyday. The space occupied by the artist in montmartre artist centre is for life time and you only get a spot when someone dies, same goes with living quarters in certain districts. So some painters you encounter in the square of montmartre have been there four or five decades and if you can strike up a conversation with one they will tell you about all the changes they have seen in that area.  Writers, painters and artists in 19th century hung out in montmartre and drank, smoked and passionately discussed their projects. People have fairly tale themed weddings in paris churches quite often and take pictures at most notable monuments and its  a big industry.

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