Today I didn’t feel like doing anything. I woke up early made myself a hot chocolate and sat down to read.Next thing I knew I fell asleep and woke up at noon. Today was checkout day from the lovely farm, the house was cozy set in a beautiful setting , had an amazing kitchen and it was the best place we stayed so far and to top it off it was cheap as they wanted to get reviews before setting the market price.

I was not ready to go from a cozy place. We booked another farm stay but I already started feeling guilty as I splurged.

We stopped on the way to checkout Dovre church, the church was closed. As we were checking out the graveyards the groundskeeper opened the church for us and gave us a tour. The church had items from 11th century (water bowl/chalis)

It was cozy and beautiful. We headed to budsjord  Gärd the place we wanted to stay on our through hike. As we parked our car the coffee and waffle smell wafted through the air.

The living room was cozy, Landon and I sat down for a warm cup of coffee and cake. The rhubarb cake with vanilla whip cream was the best cake I had till date. I spent a few hours reading a book about old Norwegian farms. I was happy to know that I visited 4 of their 11 listed historic farms.

As I sat longer I became less grumpy about having to move and experience new things. It was pleasant not to move so much and to just sit and take it all in.

I saw few pilgrims and a part of me missed the exhaustion  and clarity of mind that came at the end of day. I told myself maybe someday I will come back and walk this section.

I made peace with my pilgrimage. I was on a different kind of pilgrimage now, it’s not the walking kind but it felt like a pilgrimage.

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