Saetern Gard to kelvistua (24.5km)

We spent the night camping in the woods. When I woke up in the morning at 5am I woke up to birds chirping in the beautiful woods filled with ferns. Landon toasted a few pieces of large slices bread with butter. We bought the bread at Saetern Gard where we were planning to stay but they were hosting kids camp and it was a bit too loud. The gentleman kindle threw in butter with the bread.

We started walking after we packed up the tent, after walking a kilometre we spotted moose and calf (baby moose). I never saw a moose before in my life. It was thrilling and I was thankful for the being in the right place at right time. The way was muddy, boggy and wet; we had a steady climb and came to a beautiful view point. After the craziness of Oslo it was nice to be in these magical woods many fairy tales were based off of.

Once we came into two I was tempted to take a bus and get a cup of coffee. We took the bus into town, the bus fare was expensive and the coffee even more ($50 ish for bus and coffee) I regretted it. To top all of it off the driver seemed grumpy 😦

After coffee we started walking again toward Kelvistua, we got lost a few times.

The woods were the best part of the day, I saw different varieties of wild flowers, moss and shrubs. I felt inspired and relaxed. We were moving quite slow through the woods as I took time to take in the scenery, take pictures and rest here and there.

We put it in more than 14hrs of walking to cover the distance of 24kms. The time includes a few naps and rest.

We ran out of water at around 6pm ish and were hoping to fill up at the next cabin, the cabins were mostly empty and we had no such luck. We were skeptical of getting water from a small stream, which the Norwegians recommended we do. We pumped water from an old well with a hand pump but it had mosquitos, so we discarded the stash.

We spotted a ski cabin at around 9pm, it was unlocked. Since we were desperate we helped ourselves to couple of liters of water and left a note. The cabin was for ski hill maintenance.

We found a beautiful shelter perched on a hill stocked with firewood, so we stopped there for the night. I made bean stew and toasted bread. Landon got the fire going and setup the tent. We enjoyed looking at sunset. By the time we went to bed it was 12:30 am.

I was thankful for the beautiful walk through the woods, for finding water and a nice camping spot. Even though we were none tired, sore and exhausted we had a splendid day.

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