Day 10: Lorca (14km)

WordPress lost my post and failed to upload it, so I am going to re write a brief one. I set off at 7:30am without my walking partner Robert as he had foot issues.
I seemed to be mentally and physically fatigued; pack felt heavier, I was slower than usual. I took several naps on the way at shady spots. I made it to ciraqui (6km) and nursed my feet & belly.
From then on trek was even slower I stopped more frequently and felt despair coming on; I knew I couldn’t make it to Estella if my energy levels continued to be this way.
I was yawning for quite a bit, so I decided it was time for another nap and slept under the bridge near a river. The sound of the water and birds were soothing; it was pleasant & peaceful 30 mins. I was out of water and an American who came to rest shared his water with me.
I slowly made it up the hill to lorka and the alburgue looked amazingly inviting. I called it a day and stopped at the alburgue and went straight to bed. I slept for good 2.5 hrs, woke up still being tired. I then realized I hadn’t eaten anything other than grapes and an orange all morning.
I ordered fettuccine fungi and ate with an appetite. I saw stu again ( walking from turkey) and met young Latvian students.
We decided to cook a meal instead of eating at the alburgue as veggie options were limited.
We made a veggie stew with carrots, peas, potatoes , onion and artichokes. It turned out good; we shared the meal with older American couple who washed the dishes.

A lively conversation with fellow pilgrims discussing Scottish, Catalan , basque , Latvia independence & politics. I learned a lot about life in Latvia and Catalan and various economies.

I hope I am not getting sick, I hope my energy levels go up tomorrow.IMG_8622.JPG











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