Paris : architecture at its best

The day started after my host Leslie made me a cup of tea, we shared moments of silence and cool breeze on the tiny Parisian balcony with plants, clothes drying, sounds of automobiles overlooking people getting ready for their day. there is no privacy in Paris, everything is shared.
I sat listening to the melodies of “MEsk Elil” while Leslie got ready to go with me. We took a circumvented walk to pompdui museum and picked up pastries on the way.
We sat on the cobbled arena in front of the museum and ate the pastries while talking about life in Paris, love and relationships. The modern woman who loves to travel has handful of complex decisions to make. Leslie was quite content in the moment and wanted to let life take it’s course.
I said goodbye to Leslie after we were done with breakfast and started walking without no particular direction in mind.
I came upon the signs to go to Notre Dame and I sat in front of Notre Dame chalete listening to the church bells, I was at peace amidst all the chaos of tourists swarming , pigeons scrounging for food, people making million clicks a minute. It will be the best moment in Paris.

From Notre Dame I started wandering aimlessly listening to street musicians playing the violins, guitars and all assortment of instruments on the seine river. I decided to walk along the seine river instead of getting on the hop and hop off.

The walk was quite something no amount pictures, words or videos cannot capture the beauty of the walk along the seine. The beauty of the river coupled with exquisite art & architecture, street performers, painters, tourists , hawkers and Parisians made it a moving experience.

everyone and everything was Humming to their own rhythm.
If one sits back, listens and observes it’s hard not to fall in love with Paris.

Following the seine I reached POINt NEUF bridge that has a breath taking view; It was a treat to see the sign that the LOUVRE was close by.

I finally made it to the LOUVRE but had no intention to visit the great works of art yet. I was content drinking in the exterior beauty of the building and wondered how the architects visualized what they were going to build and how the massive and extraordinary sculptures made it on the walls. I told myself I am coming back to Paris it’s just a matter of when.








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